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The Canadian International School System – Vietnam (CISS-VN) operates four programs in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The Canadian International School System – Vietnam (CISS-VN) consists of:
1. The Canadian International School (CIS) serving Kindergarten – Grade 12 students where the Ontario curriculum is taught. The IB Diploma Programme is also offered to students in Grades 11 and 12.

2. The Canadian International School - Bilingual Programme (BCIS) delivers the Vietnamese National Curriculum, from Kindergarten – to Grade 12 and the ESL program which is tailored to meet the needs for English language fluency. BCIS also offers students with 2 pathways in secondary (from Grade 9 to grade 12): MOET Secondary diploma or IGCSE for A Levels.

3. The Albert Einstein School (AES) now offer education from Early Years (3 years) to Grade 12 (18 years). The program will be the Vietnamese curriculum from Early Years to the National Diploma and provide an international pathway from Grade 11 studying the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE Australia).

Job Descriptions 

Developing and creating capacity in the Learning Support program
• Lead and manage the Learning Support Department to oversee the school learning support program.
• Work with Shadow teachers, Tutor/teacher tutor, make recommendations to parents and administration regarding their effectiveness.
• Conduct Learning Support team meetings on a regular basis, to review student progress and issues and set up intervention as necessary to ensure that provides our best support.
• Meet with the Principals on a regular basis, to review student progress and issues/problems.
• Make recommendations for hiring Learning Support staff (Shadow teachers, Tutor/teacher tutor).

Providing In Service to staff

• On the referral process
• On their professional responsibilities, once a student has an intervention plan
• On common SEN issues and interventions found in the school.

Identify and Assess students with special needs
• Develop and lead 'referral process': preliminary interventions and trials of various strategies, recorded, before formal referral for IEP. Work to identify students with special educational needs and learning difficulties, at-risk students to ensure that their needs are met.
• Observe the students in their general setting (classroom, playground, specialist class if needed) and gather information/evidence from teachers, specialist, and parents if needed.
• Refer and oversee the assessment of the educational needs of students entering the IEP program, and utilize the written results of the assessment (psychoeducational and developmental assessment).
• Identify the potential issues before students join the school by being involved in the admission/enrollment of new students (conduct admission testing).

Plan and organize IEP Program and Progression progress (At Risk)
• Write IEP or Action Plan for each student with special needs and learning difficulties in setting up educational objectives and teaching strategies.
• Responsible for planning, communicating and negotiating of IEP/Action Plan between parents, teachers, principals, and outside agencies, and students if needed.
• Observe the IEP/At-Risk students in their general setting (classroom, playground, specialist class if needed)
• Observe the IEP/At-Risk students to monitor the student’s progress, in their general setting (classroom, playground, specialist class if needed
Support and Consultation
• Serves as an instructional resource for teachers by providing them with strategies, methods, and materials if needed for dealing with the IEP/At-Risk students.
• Support the teachers in accommodations and modifications of the curriculum to the student’s profile/pattern of learning.
• Support the parents in providing recommendations regarding outside support such as psychologists, therapists, counselors.
• Reporting: Meet with the Principals on a regular basis, to review student progress and issues/problems.

• The classroom teachers: suggest accommodations and or, in limited circumstances, modifications to the curriculum, reports on the progress of students, discussing schedules, student behavior, monitoring of medicine – if needed, anecdotal records (for their progress reports “See Comments”).
• The Principals: provide information on progress, issues, etc. (Learning Support meeting with Principals on a regular basis, and LST folder confidential-limited access in the school server).
• Other professionals: consult with a psychologist to conduct Psycho-educational assessment, Developmental assessment, Speech and Language Therapist, Occupational and Behavior Therapist., counselors, etc.
• ·Parents: conduct IEP meeting to ensure that parents are on board with the school, and consult with parents as needed.
• Students and/or parents: Counsel Students with behavior and social-emotional issues, as well as to parents if needed.

This Job Description is not limited to the duties / responsibilities described above and will be subject to changes to incorporate any duties / responsibilities to reflect the job scope / business requirements.

Job Requirements 

• Have Bachelor in Special Education / Master in Special Education
• Have at least 03-year Special Need teaching experience

Working Location 

Tân Phú, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Please send your updated CV + Cover letter to the email address:  jobapplication@admin.cis.edu.vn

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