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Principal, students wear pajamas, and carry pots, suitcases to school

Backpacks, daily uniforms were "usurped" when principals, teachers and students wore pajamas, pots, pans... to school to work and study.

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The female principal wears pajamas to work

Dr. Nguyen Thi Thu Huyen came to school to work in pajamas, along with a mane of hair, flat sandals, and used aluminum brass to hold documents and laptops.

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The Canadian International School reduced tuition pressure for parents after COVID

The need for tuition support from parents of international schools is very high, in response to that need, international schools also offer support packages.

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An international school supports parents to pay interest on tuition fees

The Canada International School's "Tuition Companionship" initiative pays interest on loans to parents to pay tuition fees, sharing financial pressures caused by Covid-19.

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The Canadian International School System provides financial aid and tuition companionship.

The Canadian International School System (CISS) (including 4 member schools: CVK, CIS, BCIS, and AES) has just announced a special financial support program for parents called "Tuition Companionship", cooperated with Shinhan Bank, Vietcombank, and ACB. Parents are entitled to an interest-free unsecured loan of up to VN

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